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News & Submission Rules

Welcome to FractalDreams!! :wave: We invite everyone to Our Great community as a Member or Watcher! You will find some of the most talented Fractalists here on Fractaldreams!!

Please Check out our Weekly Features and Dream Box for Features of our many talented Artists located over here.


FD Rules:

To be able to submit to this group, you must be a member, not simply a watcher. :star:
To become a member, click the "join this group" button on this page. (Membership is approved instantly - do not include a question in your application as we probably won't see it since it's automated. Comment below or send a note if you have a question. :) )


Please NOTE: If you submit to the wrong folder you will only get a notice that your art was not accepted. We are having a lot of fractals which are not Wallpapers submitted to the Wallpaper folder and other folders such as Club Related. Your piece MUST be submitted to the 2013 Submission Folder unless of course it fits into another category. Thank you in advance! :)

We have a global limit of 2 per week to any folder. HOWEVER, if you have a submission to the following folders - 'club related', 'flame packs', 'gradient packs', 'scripts', 'tutorials' - then please note the club with a link to your deviation and which category it is, instead of using the groups system to submit. That way we can invite it into the club, and it won't use up one of your slots. That's our way of saying thank you to anyone who supports the community. :)

Our group is for fractals. We accept fractals created by any one of the many fractal creating programs. If your deviation belongs in the raw fractals gallery then it belongs here :)

We also accept fractal manipulations as long as the fractal is the main focus of the deviation. If your fractal belongs in the fractal manipulation gallery then it will most likely get accepted here. If the fractal is just the background to the girl in the long dress looking wistfully off into the distance at the flying piranha that is about to eat her then it should probably be in the photomanipulation gallery and it won't get accepted here.

We do not accept paintings. Not even the Mona Lisa.

We do not accept usually accept drawings, even abstracts, unless they display definite self similarity. That will be at the admins discretion.

We do not accept photography, with the exception of photographs of 3D printouts of fractals.

We do not accept digital art created in a non fractal generating program, such as photoshop, paint shop pro, gimp or muro. If we are unsure which program you generated it in and your deviation isn't in or doesn't belong in the fractal gallery then we will probably decline it.

And to clarify - we do NOT accept deviations created by the fractalius plug in. While those fractalized cats/tigers/table lamps are extremely cool we do not accept them.


:bulletyellow: If you have a completed fractal, submit to the 2013 Submissions folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a fractal wallpaper, submit to the Fractal Wallpapers folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a tutorial, submit to the Tutorials folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a script, submit to the Scripts folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a gradient pack, submit to the Gradient Packs folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a flame pack, submit to the Flame Packs folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have something club-related (like a stamp promoting FractalDreams), submit to the Club Related folder.

:bulletorange: When viewing the appropriate folder (see above for links), click the "submit to this folder" button on the top right, and most likely you'd "contribute an existing deviation". Only one deviation can be selected at a time, so please repeat the steps to submit another (in the correct folder).

:bulletorange: At the moment, there is still the two fractals per week rule for submissions, to prevent inbox flooding.

:bulletorange: Please note, your deviation will NOT appear immediately, because we've set it up so that each piece requires approval from any moderator before it's shown in the gallery. This shouldn't be too long of a wait - certainly less of a wait than the old system of sending via note. This is to prevent people from submitting non-fractals to our gallery. :)

:bulletorange: If you have any problems, please feel free to comment or send us a note. :) We'll be happy to help you work it out.

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A quick and very underused technique to create blur effects.

The principle is simple: you create a short animation and, instead of rendering it entirely, just render one frame, which will be your final artwork.

Step 1: you need some parameters to animate. I used a simple plastic with only 2 transforms.
01 by tatasz

Step 2: Open the animation editor (Ctrl+T or Window > Animation Editor). Set total length to some reasonably amount of time. I use 30-60sec currently, since its short enough to not get lost and long enough to have some room to tweak to control the blurring.
Exposure time controls the amount of motion blur. No worry much about getting the "right" value right now, since you can change it at any point.
Since we are only looking for one frame and not a full animation, there is no need to create many keyframes: 2 usually do the job. If, after making the animation, there are no frames that you like, you can just change one of the keyframes and get a whole new thing quickly. The first keyframe are the default params. For the second keyframe, just move the frame slider all way to the right.
02 by tatasz

Editor view of the default parameters.
03 by tatasz

Step 3: just grab the transforms, move them around, rotate and scale (in a way compatible with the parameters you are editing, of course).
04 by tatasz

So this is how my second keyframe (the parameters pictured above) looks like on preview.
05 by tatasz

Step 4: Go back to the Animation Editor and move the frame slider around looking for cool stuff. Change the exposure time (i went quite crazy on it this time). Basically, your blur amount depends on both exposure and the amount of changes you made in the parameters.
06 by tatasz

Step 5: Find a still you like, and render it as you would render a not animated artwork. My result is here:
Tuto Final by tatasz

Just another example: a recolored version of Paisley, with motion blur added using this technique.
Test-frm 00000dd by tatasz

Fractal Art Symposium: Day 1 (Part 1)

Wed Jun 25, 2014, 10:53 AM
So, the first day of the Fractal Art Symposium (check the program ;)… :la:
It was quite a trouble to get to San Sebastian. First, the Chaotica Team - lyc, FarDareisMai, her husband and me - took a train:

Chaotica Team on the Way by tatasz

(shhh, so many cool things to be shown on presentation)

Our plane was late though, and we almost got stuck at the Bilbao airport, but managed to catch the last bus to San Sebastian.

The Symposium actually started same day, with a reception :la:
Prtty much, we hanged out with lots of awesome people, including Elizabeth Thallauer, Yvonne Mous, Per Olofsson, Joseph PresleyMarlies MöckliStephen PhillipsKerry MitchellJanet Parke and many other great artists.

Also, big thanks to Javier Barrallo for the warm reception and his fantastic collection of mathy stuff =)

Sorry for the short :squee:, will soon publish a more detailed report with pictures.

More Journal Entries


:iconcaffe1neadd1ct: :iconszellorozsa: :icontatasz: :icondazza1008: :iconrhiannon104:







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